Now more than ever, its the time to take advantage of the rapid technology evolution.
Smartphones’ sovereignty has begun, conquering thousands of users around the world.

Mobile sectors’ rapid growth offers a dynamic opportunity to get the most out of new possiblities that mobile devices have to offer in everyday life that laptop and desktop computers fail to fulfill.

Guiding Applications

Explore the ancient world.

Learn in detail everything about the ancient world through archaeological sites and monuments that the knowledge of archaeology has to offer nowadays. Let mobile technology offer you great videos, e-guides, texts, photos and interactive 3D animations that will change the way you may lern more about the past once and for all!

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Mobile Booking Application

Now you can enjoy the online booking services on your mobile smart phone!
The Booking application offers you the opportunity to book your tickets online using your credit card and to be informed about:

Routes, Offers, Fleet, Loyalty System Account  (points balance, transactions)
Central & Port Agencies , Push Notifications

Application available in as many languages needed
Internet connection is required.

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