APT’s Booking & Ticketing System (BTS) is an open reservation and ticketing system with high reputation that was developed in order to fulfill marine companies needs for integrated reservations or/and ticket issuance.

BTS was designed and developed in order to:

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  •  Be applied widely: Cargo, Tourism, Entertainment, Sports.
  • Be able to adapt on any company’s needs, no matter its size and standards used.

General Features

BTS is a completely parametrical ticketing system, offering the opportunity to manage effectively all necessary components, products and/or services which become subject to reservation and/or ticket issuance.

In particular, BTS supports the following functions:

  • Management and Area – Infrastructure Administration
  • Management and Event Planning
  • Availability Management
  • Sales Policy Management
  • Sales Network Management (Agents)
  • Customer Management
  • Members’ Policy Management (Loyalty Cards)
  • Reservations’ Management
  • Ticket Management
  • Check-in / Check – out Management
  • Reporting

Collaboration with third party systems:

  • CRS, GDS, General Logistics etc


BTS is based on the following technologies, tools and platforms:

  • Oracle RDBMS 10g
  • Oracle Designer 10g
  • Oracle Developer 10g
  • Oracle iAS 10g
  • JDeveloper (EJBs, Servlets & JSPs)

Equipment – Hardware Demands

BTS has the capability to collaborate with equipment provided by the most well-known hardware manufacturers not only for the main system unit but also for peripherals and network infrastructure.

  • Database Servers: Oracle RDBMS. Supports any platform (WinNT, Unix, HP, Linux, Solaris)
  • Application Servers: Application Servers with J2EE (EJBs, Servlets & JSPs, JNDI, JDBC).