APT Information Systems, since its establishment on March 2000, specializes on the wider field of technology aiming to fulfill the needs for the development and implementation of specialized applications, integrated solutions and relevant support services.

APT cooperates with companies and organizations of the private and public sector regardless their size and their field of expertise.

Our main activities include:

  • Software Development
  • System Integration
  • Project Management
  • Consulting Services
  • Technical Support Services
  • Educational Services in Computing and Telecommunications

Our aim is to develop innovative, advanced, powerful and reliable information systems and to provide complete, functional and effective solutions.

Our comitment is to continuously evolve our products in order to fully meet the requirements prescribed by the technological evolution and the continuously growing needs of our customers.



Main services

Application development

Custom application development fitted to our clients’ requirements including all kinds of software and IT needs, starting from auditing and expanding to implementation and support.

Development of mobile applications fitting the needs of our customers for puplic range or corporate mobile apps. Here goes also the development of the world’s most innovative mobile application for next generation e-guiding: EasyGuideApp.

Web application development

Web application development with Integration capabilities to Intranets and / or Extranets.
Web hosting services.

Specialized support

Specialized support on Oracle and Microsoft products and technologies.
Specialized supportive services and application development based on Java technology.

Database integration

Database integration with Application Servers for multi-tier solution development.
Planning, installation and technical support of hardware systems.